Beth Pacentrilli

Hometown:  Alexandria, VA / Washington, DC

What I like:
Subjective beauty

And I value:
Late nights for creativity
Dark chocolate and Black Forest Sour Heads for those long nights
Sunshine & nature
.7mm mechanical pencils
The versatility of the kneaded eraser
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My current work consists of pen and ink drawings, or "doodles."  These are a release from control and struggle for perfection.  They are an exercise in letting the imagination wander, opening up to possibilities and allowing for creativity to flow freely from the mind into being.  

What to expect from developing series: story telling, questioning social perceptions, commentary on gender socialization, and a punch of serious with a pinch of playful.  I cannot wait to share!


Group Shows:
2010 - G40: The Summit, Art Whino, Arlington, VA
2008 - The Sex Issue: Volume 3, www.project30.com
2008 - Who Wants to be a Feminist?  www.rhondaschallerchelsea.com, Rhonda Schaller Studio, New York, NY
2008 - Self Evident: Contemporary American Self-Portraiture, Clay-Pool Young Art Gallery,  Morehead State University, KY

Solo Shows:

2007 - Sex Toys, XYZ Gallery, Blacksburg, VA